Family Reunification







MWH is a pro family organisation where reintegrating its residents back into their families is the goal for each child. The emphasis of MWH is to nurture the residents to become useful individuals, firstly to their families and then to others in the community.

Internal activities that focus on successful reunification include family counselling, home leave and gradual extended home leaves, parenting workshops and other family bonding activities.
Collaborative efforts with external agencies includes Projek Keluarga Teguh (Resilient Family) and Family Excellence Circle (FEC) with Yayasan Mendaki.

Home Leave 


To strengthen the residents’ bond with their family, residents are allowed to go home on weekends. This is extended during special periods such as Hari Raya holiday.An extended home leave is implemented as part of the residents’ discharge plan, in order to ensure a smooth transition eventually.

Family Counselling

Caseworkers arrange for monthly meetings to address issues relating to residents’ relationship with caregivers and involve family members in decision making processes.
Family conferences may include professionals and therapists from other agencies like MSF or Family Service Centres (FSCs).

Parenting Workshop


A series of 7-sessions workshop acts as a support system for parents of the residents. Interactive in nature, parents are enriched with knowledge and better understanding of the needs of adolescents. Facilitators and resource persons are periodically invited to share their expertise in the related areas.

Projek Keluarga Teguh or PKT (Resilient Family Program)

Initiated in 2008, this program which is a collaboration with Yayasan Mendaki aims to provide outreach to residents after they have returned to their families.
Visits to the homes of discharged residents give better insights on issues surrounding family reintegration and challenges faced by residents and families.

Family Excellence Circle (FEC) Program

It is a training program that is also a form of support network for parents of residents to interact and connect with other parents.
Through activities, sharing sessions and coaching, parents learn new skills and share good practices especially ones that pertain to the management of their children.
FEC is conducted fortnightly, facilitated by caseworker in small groups of 10 – 12 particpants.
FEC is another collaboration between MWH and Mendaki’s Family Development Network (FDN) under the Community Leaders’ Forum (CLF).

Learning Journeys

MWH consistently look out for vibrant bonding opportunities among the residents and their families.
One such opportunity is through organising learning journeys in the hope of improving communication and build trust between residents and families in order to help better prepare them for their life post MWH.


Throughout the day, residents and families made it to 15 pit stops consisting of educational institutions like a Temasek Polytechnic and worksites like Jurong Island Checkpoint and Changi Business Park. Participants reflected on the educational path available for them beyond secondary school and it got them motivated to plan for their future.


Residents and family members went for an outing to Gardens by the Bay during the school holiday in Nov 2015. Families had to complete tasks such as answering quizzes on plants and other attractions, participate in the most creative family photo-taking, shared the most impactful learning for the day and submitted the most inspiring words of motivation that the resident and family members said to one another.
Participants expressed gratitude for the opportunity to spend quality time with family members in a relaxed but exciting environment.