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We are heartened to share success stories of our former residents whom we served since 1989.

Each of them shares their life journey and the turning points which helped them become a better person today.

These stories inspire us to serve even better.

In Pursuit of Knowledge : AJ

Resident from 2011 – 2012

AJ (left) was placed in MWH when he was 11 years in 2011. Being one of the younger residents, AJ adapted well to the programmes and routines, with the assistance of a senior resident and Caseworker. During his one- year stay in MWH, AJ shared that he learnt more about routine, discipline, reward and consequences. According to him, structured programme plays a vital role in helping him change such as secular and moral education, prayers and
behavioural management systems.

Being away from family, AJ realised that he has become an independent and responsible person. Unlike in the past, AJ would take initiative when it comes to household chores and would assist his mother without being told. AJ would also think twice before making any rash decision.

The fondest memory AJ has is the ukhuwah (close relationship) with residents and staff. He felt like he was staying in a big family where he has been well cared by all.

In 2012, AJ was discharged to his family, and continued to be in contact with MWH from 2013 to 2016 under Projek Keluarga Teguh (PKT). The staff assigned would visit him and his family at least once a month, to work on his relationship with his families and to monitor his school progress. AJ performed satisfactorily throughout his secondary education and received positive feedback from school. 

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