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Each child enters the Home with his own unique and often challenging issues, be they financial, social or emotional. Some of them do not even have clear memories of their parents while others experience a fear of trust in adults. Through counselling and casework management, we meet with them individually, in groups and with their families to address their issues. In addition, we work with other agencies to better facilitate positive changes in their lives.

MWH designs its programmes holistically. It has four categories and its main purpose is to complement the residents with a variety of skills and positive values. Categories include education, socio-emotional, program through campaigns and behavioral modification.

Our programmes are designed to be comprehensive and holistic.

 Our objective is to expose our boys to a wide range of activities in the hope that they will acquire an all-round education and life skills, and embrace positive values. 



Socio-Emotional Learning

Structured Programme

Behaviour Management System

Family Reunification

MWH is a pro family organisation where reintegrating its residents back into their families is the goal for each child. The emphasis of MWH is to nurture the residents to become useful individuals, firstly to their families and then to others in the community.

Internal activities that focus on successful reunification include family counselling, home leave and gradual extended home leaves, parenting workshops and other family bonding activities.

We will do all we can to give them this chance to realize their potential.

Inspiring Hope,
Transforming Lives.

since 1989

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