Muhammadiyah Welfare Home

MWH was instituted in December 1989 as a Children’s Home for Juvenile offenders, the abused and neglected and those who are Beyond Parental Control (BPC). It started in 1989 when the Singapore Government closed the Katong Children’s Home and 3 other children’s homes.

Muhammadiyah Association (MA) came forward to take up the responsibility and challenge to take over the management of Katong Children Home from the government. Muhammadiyah Association (MA) is a parent body of Muhammadiyah Welfare Home since its birth on 27 Dec 1989.  Being one of the institutions, MWH is run by Management Comittee (MC) appointed by MA.

MWH has been gazetted as a ‘Approved Home’, ‘Approved School’ and a ‘Place of Safety’ by the then, Ministry of Community Development & Sports (MCDS) in Dec 1989. MWH is governed by the Children and Young Persons’ Act and the Gazetted Rules of MWH. It can accommodate a maximum of 100 residents. At the point of admission, the residents must be below 16 years of age.

MWH renders its services to society as a Volunteer Welfare Organisation (VWO) and is run by a Management Committee (MC) appointed by the Muhammadiyah Association. The head of the Home is a Superintendent.

MWH has moved from the old premise at Mounbatten to Bedok on 8 Jan 10.  MWH was officially opened on 19 June 10 by Guest of Honour, Ms Ho Ching, the CEO and Executive Director of Temasek Holdings, with a tree planting ceremony of Chiku plant at the centre courtyard garden which has been named The Sactuary.


In year 2011, MWH has been re-gazetted to;

‘Place of Safety’, ‘Juvenile Rehabilitation Centre’ and ‘Place of Temporary Care and Protection’ .