Volunteer your service as a tutor or befriender, coach the children in sports or simply provide a service such as cutting hair for the boys, teaching them to play guitar etc.

What Programmes Can I Volunteer For?

This programme aims to guide the residents with their school work and motivate them in their studies.

Requirements of Volunteer Tutor

• Provide tuition to the residents of the Home.
• 21 years old and above
• Proficiency in academic subjects, preferably with prior experience in teaching/tutoring
• Able to commute to the premise of Muhammadiyah Welfare Home (MWH), at least once a week
• Mature and enjoy interacting with youth


• Able to coach the boys at the premise of the Home for a minimum of 2 hrs per week, for a period of 6 months.

You can consider teaching the residents a skill, sharing your expertise or developing their hobbies. We can meet up to discuss on your ideas.

Some example of enrichment programmes that are conducted for the residents are:

• Art / Craft classes
• Recreational/ Sports clinics
• Drama / Creative expression classes
• Therapeutic work
• Guitar lessons
• Gardening

Requirements of a Volunteer for Enrichment programmes:
• 21 years old and above



Enrichment 2

MWH organises various events such as the Residents’ Day and Family Welfare Fiesta to recognise the achievement of the residents and to also promote family and community togetherness respectively.

Requirements of an Event Volunteer

• Participate on the day of the event itself through providing of services such as photography, manning booths and ushering.
• 21 years old and above
• Enjoy meeting with people


• Able to attend a volunteer briefing session, at a date set prior to the event day.

To join us as a volunteer, you can email us at [email protected]