The Home welcomes sponsorship for our residents and their families.

Although MWH provides daily meals for all its residents, we look forward to sponsorship of meals, especially during weekends and school holidays.

• Breakfast, Lunch, Tea-break or Dinner (for approximately 80 pax)

If you wish to sponsor a meal, kindly inform us at least 3 days in advance. You may either send the food directly to the Home or we can arrange to collect it from you.

• For sponsorship of meals during the month of Ramadan (fasting month), please confirm your sponsorship preferably a month before it.


Sugar, condensed milk, Milo, tea powder, cereal, bread spreads, UHT milk – these items are consumed by residents daily at breakfast and supper on weekends. Some of these items are also packed and given to the families of the residents when they go on their weekend home leave.

Uncut fruit is served to the residents after meals.
We welcome fruits like apples, oranges, bananas, watermelons, etc.


Bottled shampoos and body foam, toothpastes, toothbrushes – each week, the residents use 14 litres of body foam and 2 litres of shampoo. These serve the needs of some 52 residents.

[email protected] is a token economy system that was introduced to reaffirm positive behaviour among the boys. The boys can earn bonus points through constructive acts such as doing voluntary work, actively participating in programmes and attaining good performance in academic studies. These bonus points can then be used to redeem items from the minimart.

Often, the boys redeem these items not for themselves but for the family members.
• Food items such as canned drinks, snacks, cup noodles
• Non-food items such as deodorant (Rexona brand), thumb drives, school bags, stationery items and vouchers (especially from NTUC or Popular).



Under the U-Special Boys (USB) group, MWH organises outings for this special group of boys who do not have the support of a family nucleus. They usually do not go back on weekend home leave.

The outings usually take place on weekends or when the other residents go back for home leave, so that these boys feel that they too are being loved and cared for.

Support the USB group by sponsoring an outing or a meal.

Every year, MWH organises signature events to raise funds to facilitate the provision and improvement of our various services and programmes.

You can support us by sponsoring an event of your choice or organise your own event and select us as your beneficiary.

If you have any enquiry regarding donation or sponsorship, please contact Corporate Communication and Resource Unit (CCRU) at 63456113
or email [email protected]

You can also send your enquiry below:

There are other things that MWH needs on a yearly basis such as:

  • Beddings
    • White Fitted Bed Sheets (Single Size)
    • White Pillow Cases
    • Pillow
  • Personal Wear
    • Long Black/ Dark Blue Track Pants (Assorted Sizes)
    • Black/ Dark Blue Sandals for In-house use (Assorted Sizes)
    • White Bathing Towels